Accessing an Arvados VM with Webshell

This document describes how to access an Arvados VM with Webshell from Workbench.

Access VM using webshell

Webshell gives you access to an arvados virtual machine from your browser with no additional setup.

In the Arvados Workbench, click on the dropdown menu icon in the upper right corner of the top navigation menu to access the user settings menu, and click on the menu item Virtual machines to see the list of virtual machines you can access. If you do not have access to any virtual machines, please click on Send request for shell access or send an email to

Each row in the Virtual Machines panel lists the hostname of the VM, along with a Log in as *you* button under the column “Web shell”. Clicking on this button will open up a webshell terminal for you in a new browser tab and log you in.

You are now ready to work in your Arvados VM.

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