Accessing Arvados Workbench

If you are using the default Arvados instance for this guide, you can Access Arvados Workbench using this link:

(If you are using a different Arvados instance than the default for this guide, replace with your private instance in all of the examples in this guide.)

You may be asked to log in using a Google account. Arvados uses only your name and email address from Google services for identification, and will never access any personal information. If you are accessing Arvados for the first time, the Workbench may indicate your account status is New / inactive. If this is the case, contact the administrator of the Arvados instance to request activation of your account.

Once your account is active, logging in to the Workbench will present you with the Dashboard. This gives a summary of your projects and recent activity in the Arvados instance. You are now ready to run your first pipeline.

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