arv reference

In order to use the arv command, make sure that you have a working environment.


See the CLI overview page.

Resource types and methods

Get list of resource types
arv --help

Get list of resource methods for the “user” resource type
arv user --help

Basic examples

Get record for current user
arv user current

Get entire record for some specific user
arv user get --uuid 6dnxa-tpzed-iimd25zhzh84gbk

Update user record
arv user update --uuid 6dnxa-tpzed-iimd25zhzh84gbk --user '{"first_name":"Bob"}'

Get list of groups
arv group list

Delete a group
arv group delete --uuid 6dnxa-j7d0g-iw7i6n43d37jtog

Create an empty collection
arv collection create --collection '{"name": "test collection"}'

Common commands

Most arv resources accept the following commands:

  • get
  • list
  • create
  • update
  • delete


Arguments accepted by the list subcommand include:

  -l, --limit=<i>        Maximum number of items to return. (Default: 100)
  -o, --offset=<i>       Number of items to skip before first returned record. (Default: 0)
  -f, --filters=<s>      Conditions for filtering items.
  -r, --order=<s>        Order in which to return matching items.
  -s, --select=<s>       Select which fields to return.
  -d, --distinct         Return each distinct object.
  -c, --count=<s>        Type of count to return in items_available ('none' or 'exact'). (Default: exact)

The --filters option takes a string describing a JSON list of filters on which the returned resources should be returned. Each filter is a three-element list of [field, operator, value], where the operator may be one of =, <, <=, >, >=, !=, like, or ilike.


arv collection list --filters '[["name", "=", "PGP VAR inputs"], ["created_at", ">=", "2014-10-01"]]'

will return a list of all collections visible to the current user which are named “PGP VAR inputs” and were created on or after October 1, 2014. See the Common resource methods page for more details on using list and --filters.

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