The Ruby SDK provides a generic set of wrappers so you can make API calls easily.


If you are logged in to an Arvados VM, the Ruby SDK should be installed.

To use it elsewhere, you can either install the arvados gem via RubyGems or build and install the package using the arvados source tree.


  1. Install Ruby

The SDK uses curl which depends on the libcurl C library. To build the module you may have to install additional packages. On supported versions of Debian and Ubuntu, run:

# apt install build-essential libcurl4-openssl-dev

Install with RubyGems

# gem install arvados

Test installation

If the SDK is installed, ruby -r arvados -e 'puts "OK!"' should produce no errors.

If your ARVADOS_API_HOST and ARVADOS_API_TOKEN environment variables are set up correctly (see api-tokens for details), the following test script should work:

$ ruby -r arvados <<'EOF'
arv = api_version: 'v1'
my_full_name = arv.user.current[:full_name]
puts "arvados.v1.users.current.full_name = '#{my_full_name}'"
arvados.v1.users.current.full_name = 'Your Name'

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