Installing the FUSE Driver

The Arvados FUSE driver is a Python utility that allows you to browse Arvados projects and collections in a filesystem, so you can access that data using existing Unix tools.


If you are logged in to a managed Arvados VM, the arv-mount utility should already be installed.

To use the FUSE driver elsewhere, you can install from a distribution package or pip.

Option 1: Install from distribution packages

First, add the appropriate package repository for your distribution.

Install python3-arvados-fuse

Red Hat, AlmaLinux, and Rocky Linux

# dnf install python3-arvados-fuse

Debian and Ubuntu

# apt install python3-arvados-fuse

Option 2: Install with pip

Run pip install arvados_fuse in an appropriate installation environment, such as a virtualenv.

Note: The FUSE driver depends on the libcurl and libfuse C libraries. To install the module you may need to install development headers from your distribution. On Debian-based distributions you can install them by running:

# apt install build-essential python3-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev libfuse-dev libssl-dev


For an introduction of how to mount and navigate data, refer to the Access Keep as a GNU/Linux filesystem tutorial.

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