arv reference

In order to use the arv command, make sure that you have a working environment.


See the CLI overview page.

Resource types and methods

Get list of resource types
arv --help

Get list of resource methods for the “user” resource type
arv user --help

Basic examples

Get record for current user
arv user current

Get entire record for some specific user
arv user get --uuid 6dnxa-tpzed-iimd25zhzh84gbk

Update user record
arv user update --uuid 6dnxa-tpzed-iimd25zhzh84gbk --user '{"first_name":"Bob"}'

Get list of groups
arv group list

Delete a group
arv group delete --uuid 6dnxa-j7d0g-iw7i6n43d37jtog

Common commands

Most arv resources accept the following commands:

  • get
  • list
  • create
  • update
  • delete


Arguments accepted by the list subcommand include:

  -l, --limit=<i>        Maximum number of items to return. (Default: 100)
  -o, --offset=<i>       Number of items to skip before first returned record. (Default: 0)
  -f, --filters=<s>      Conditions for filtering items.
  -r, --order=<s>        Order in which to return matching items.
  -s, --select=<s>       Select which fields to return.
  -d, --distinct         Return each distinct object.
  -c, --count=<s>        Type of count to return in items_available ('none' or 'exact'). (Default: exact)

The --filters option takes a string describing a JSON list of filters on which the returned resources should be returned. Each filter is a three-element list of [field, operator, value], where the operator may be one of =, <, <=, >, >=, !=, like, or ilike.


arv collection list --filters '[["name", "=", "PGP VAR inputs"], ["created_at", ">=", "2014-10-01"]]'

will return a list of all collections visible to the current user which are named “PGP VAR inputs” and were created on or after October 1, 2014.

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