Configuring collection versioning

This page describes how to enable and configure the collection versioning feature on the API server.


There are 2 configuration settings in the Collections section of config.yml that control this feature.

      # If true, enable collection versioning.
      # When a collection's preserve_version field is true or the current version
      # is older than the amount of seconds defined on PreserveVersionIfIdle,
      # a snapshot of the collection's previous state is created and linked to
      # the current collection.
      CollectionVersioning: true

      # This setting control the auto-save aspect of collection versioning, and can be set to:
      #   0s = auto-create a new version on every update.
      #  -1s = never auto-create new versions.
      # > 0s = auto-create a new version when older than the specified number of seconds.
      PreserveVersionIfIdle: 10s

Note that if you set CollectionVersioning to false after being enabled, old versions will still be accessible, but further changes will not be versioned.

Using collection versioning

Discussed in the user guide

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