Configuring collection versioning

This page describes how to enable and configure the collection versioning feature on the API server.

API Server configuration

There are 2 configuration settings that control this feature, both go on the application.yml file.

Settting: collection_versioning (Boolean. Default: false)

If true, collection versioning is enabled, meaning that new version records can be created. Note that if you set collection_versioning to false after being enabled, old versions will still be accessible, but further changes will not be versioned.

Setting: preserve_version_if_idle (Numeric. Default: -1)

This setting control the auto-save aspect of collection versioning, and can be set to:

  • -1: Never auto-save versions. Only save versions when the client ask for it by setting preserve_version to true on any given collection.
  • 0: Preserve all versions every time a collection gets a versionable update.
  • N (being N > 0): Preserve version when a collection gets a versionable update after a period of at least N seconds since the last time it was modified.

Using collection versioning

Discussed in the user guide

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