The arvados-client diagnostics command exercises basic cluster functionality, and identifies some common installation and configuration problems. Especially after upgrading or reconfiguring Arvados or server/network infrastructure, it can be the quickest way to identify problems.

Using system privileges

On a server node, it is easiest to run the diagnostics command with system privileges. The word sudo here instructs the arvados-client command to load Controller.ExternalURL and SystemRootToken from /etc/arvados/config.yml and use those credentials to run tests with system privileges.

When run this way, diagnostics will also include health checks.

# arvados-client sudo diagnostics

Using regular user privileges

On any node (server node, shell node, or a workstation outside the system network), you can also run diagnostics by setting the usual ARVADOS_API_HOST and ARVADOS_API_TOKEN environment variables. Typically this is done with a regular user account.

$ export ARVADOS_API_HOST=zzzzz.arvadosapi.com
$ export ARVADOS_API_TOKEN=xxxxxxxxxx
$ arvados-client diagnostics

Internal/external client detection

The diagnostics output indicates whether its client connection is categorized by the server as internal or external. If you run diagnostics automatically with cron or a monitoring tool, you can use the -internal-client or -external-client flag to specify how you expect the client to be categorized, and the test will fail otherwise. Example:

# arvados-client sudo diagnostics -internal-client

--- cut here --- error summary ---

ERROR     60: checking internal/external client detection (11 ms): expecting internal=true external=false, but found internal=false external=true

Example output

# arvados-client sudo diagnostics
INFO       5: running health check (same as `arvados-server check`)
INFO      10: getting discovery document from https://zzzzz.arvadosapi.com/discovery/v1/apis/arvados/v1/rest
INFO      20: getting exported config from https://zzzzz.arvadosapi.com/arvados/v1/config
INFO      30: getting current user record
INFO      40: connecting to service endpoint https://keep.zzzzz.arvadosapi.com/
INFO      41: connecting to service endpoint https://*.collections.zzzzz.arvadosapi.com/
INFO      42: connecting to service endpoint https://download.zzzzz.arvadosapi.com/
INFO      43: connecting to service endpoint wss://ws.zzzzz.arvadosapi.com/websocket
INFO      44: connecting to service endpoint https://workbench.zzzzz.arvadosapi.com/
INFO      45: connecting to service endpoint https://workbench2.zzzzz.arvadosapi.com/
INFO      50: checking CORS headers at https://zzzzz.arvadosapi.com/
INFO      51: checking CORS headers at https://keep.zzzzz.arvadosapi.com/d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e+0
INFO      52: checking CORS headers at https://download.zzzzz.arvadosapi.com/
INFO      60: checking internal/external client detection
INFO      61: reading+writing via keep service at https://keep.zzzzz.arvadosapi.com:443/
INFO      80: finding/creating "scratch area for diagnostics" project
INFO      90: creating temporary collection
INFO     100: uploading file via webdav
INFO     110: checking WebDAV ExternalURL wildcard (https://*.collections.zzzzz.arvadosapi.com/)
INFO     120: downloading from webdav (https://d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e-0.collections.zzzzz.arvadosapi.com/foo)
INFO     121: downloading from webdav (https://d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e-0.collections.zzzzz.arvadosapi.com/sha256:feb5d9fea6a5e9606aa995e879d862b825965ba48de054caab5ef356dc6b3412.tar)
INFO     122: downloading from webdav (https://download.zzzzz.arvadosapi.com/c=d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e+0/_/foo)
INFO     123: downloading from webdav (https://download.zzzzz.arvadosapi.com/c=d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e+0/_/sha256:feb5d9fea6a5e9606aa995e879d862b825965ba48de054caab5ef356dc6b3412.tar)
INFO     124: downloading from webdav (https://a15a27cbc1c7d2d4a0d9e02529aaec7e-128.collections.zzzzz.arvadosapi.com/sha256:feb5d9fea6a5e9606aa995e879d862b825965ba48de054caab5ef356dc6b3412.tar)
INFO     125: downloading from webdav (https://download.zzzzz.arvadosapi.com/c=zzzzz-4zz18-twitqma8mbvwydy/_/sha256:feb5d9fea6a5e9606aa995e879d862b825965ba48de054caab5ef356dc6b3412.tar)
INFO     130: getting list of virtual machines
INFO     140: getting workbench1 webshell page
INFO     150: connecting to webshell service
INFO     160: running a container
INFO      ... container request submitted, waiting up to 10m for container to run
INFO    9990: deleting temporary collection

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