Installation options

Arvados components run on GNU/Linux systems, and supports AWS, GCP and Azure cloud platforms as well as on-premises installs. Arvados supports Debian and derivatives such as Ubuntu, as well as Red Hat and derivatives such as CentOS. Arvados is Free Software and self-install installations are not limited in any way. Commercial support and development are also available from Curii Corporation.

Arvados components can be installed and configured in a number of different ways.

Appropriate for
Ease of setup Multiuser/networked access Workflow Development and Testing Large Scale Production Development of Arvados Arvados Evaluation
Arvados-in-a-box (arvbox) Easy no yes no yes yes
Arvados on Kubernetes Easy 1 yes yes 2 no 2 no yes
Manual installation Complicated yes yes yes no no
Cluster Operation Subscription supported by Curii N/A 3 yes yes yes yes yes
  • 1 Assumes a Kubernetes cluster is available
  • 2 Arvados on Kubernetes is under development and not yet ready for production use
  • 3 No user installation necessary, Curii run and managed

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