Installation options


This section is about installing an Arvados cluster. If you are just looking to install Arvados client tools and libraries, go to the SDK section.

Arvados components run on supported GNU/Linux distributions. The Arvados elastic compute management layer supports Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure cloud platforms as well as on-premises installs using SLURM and IBM Spectrum LSF. The Arvados storage layer supports filesystem storage (including NFS, such as IBM GPFS), Azure blob storage, Amazon S3, and systems that offer an S3-compatible API such as Ceph Object Gateway and NetApp StorageGRID.

Arvados is Free Software and self-install installations are not limited in any way. Commercial support and development are also available from Curii Corporation.

Arvados components can be installed and configured in a number of different ways.

Setup difficulty Arvados Evaluation Development Production Data Management Production Workflows
Arvados-in-a-box (arvbox) Easy yes limited no no
Arados Installer (single host) Easy yes limited limited limited
Arados Installer (multi host) Moderate yes yes yes yes
Manual installation Difficult yes yes yes yes
Cluster Operation Subscription supported by Curii N/A 1 yes yes yes yes

1 No user installation necessary. Curii engineers will install and configure Arvados in your own infrastructure.

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