Arvados on Kubernetes

Arvados on Kubernetes is implemented as a Helm 3 chart.


This Helm chart provides a basic, small Arvados cluster.

Current limitations, to be addressed in the future:

  • An Arvados cluster created with this Helm chart is entirely ephemeral, and all data stored on the cluster will be deleted when it is shut down.
  • No dynamic scaling of compute nodes (but you can adjust values.yaml and reload the Helm chart)
  • All compute nodes are the same size
  • Compute nodes have no cpu/memory/disk constraints yet
  • No git server


  • Minikube or Google Kubernetes Engine (Kubernetes 1.10+ with at least 3 nodes, 2+ cores per node)
  • kubectl and Helm 3 installed locally, and able to connect to your Kubernetes cluster

Please refer to Arvados on Minikube or Arvados on GKE for detailed installation instructions.

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