Salt prerequisites

  1. Introduction
  2. Install Saltstack
  3. Choose an Arvados installation configuration


To ease the installation of the various Arvados components, we have developed a Saltstack ’s arvados-formula which can help you get an Arvados cluster up and running.

Saltstack is a Python-based, open-source software for event-driven IT automation, remote task execution, and configuration management. It can be used in a master/minion setup or master-less.

This is a package-based installation method. The Salt scripts to install and configure Arvados using this formula are available at the tools/salt-install directory in the Arvados git repository.

Install Saltstack

If you already have a Saltstack environment or you plan to use the script we provide, you can skip this section.

The simplest way to get Salt up and running on a node is to use the bootstrap script they provide:

curl -L -o /tmp/
sudo sh /tmp/ -XUdfP -x python3

For more information check Saltstack’s documentation

Choose an Arvados installation configuration

The salt formula can be used in a few different ways. Choose one of these three options to install Arvados:

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