Arvados on Kubernetes - Google Kubernetes Engine

This page documents the setup of the prerequisites to run the Arvados on Kubernetes Helm chart on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

Install tooling

Install gcloud:

Install kubectl:

$ gcloud components install kubectl

Install helm:

Boot the GKE cluster

This can be done via the cloud console or via the command line:

$ gcloud container clusters create <CLUSTERNAME> --zone us-central1-a --machine-type n1-standard-2 --cluster-version 1.10

It takes a few minutes for the cluster to be initialized.

Reserve a static IP

Reserve a static IP in GCE. Make sure the IP is in the same region as your GKE cluster, and is of the “Regional” type.

Connect to the GKE cluster.

Via the web:

  • Click the “Connect” button next to your “GKE cluster”
  • Execute the “Command-line access” command on your development machine.

Alternatively, use this command:

$ gcloud container clusters get-credentials <CLUSTERNAME> --zone us-central1-a --project <YOUR-PROJECT>

Test the connection:

$ kubectl get nodes

Now proceed to the Initialize helm on the Kubernetes cluster section.

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