Install Composer

Arvados Composer is a single-page javascript application for building Common Workflow Languge (CWL) Workflows.


In addition to Arvados core services, Composer requires Arvados hosted git repositories which are used for storing workflow files.


Composer may be installed on the same host as Workbench, or on a different host. Composer communicates directly with the Arvados API server. It does not require its own backend and should be served as a static file.

On a Debian-based system, install the following package:

~$ sudo apt-get install arvados-composer

On a Red Hat-based system, install the following package:

~$ sudo yum install arvados-composer



Edit /etc/arvados/composer/composer.yml and set apiEndPoint to your API server:



Add Composer to your Nginx configuration. This example will host Composer at /composer.

location /composer {
  root   /var/www/arvados-composer
  index  index.html

Workbench link to composer

Edit the workbench application.yml and set composer_url to the location from which it is served.

  composer_url: ''

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