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Class Subcollection

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builtins.object --+        
     CollectionBase --+    
     RichCollectionBase --+

This is a subdirectory within a collection that doesn't have its own API server record.

Subcollection locking falls under the umbrella lock of its root collection.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, parent, name) source code
root_collection(self) source code
writable(self) source code
_my_api(self) source code
_my_keep(self) source code
_my_block_manager(self) source code
stream_name(self) source code
clone(self, new_parent, new_name) source code
_reparent(self, newparent, newname) source code

Inherited from RichCollectionBase: __contains__, __delitem__, __eq__, __getitem__, __iter__, __len__, __ne__, add, apply, committed, copy, diff, exists, find, find_or_create, flush, items, keys, manifest_text, mkdirs, modified, notify, open, portable_data_hash, portable_manifest_text, remove, rename, set_committed, subscribe, unsubscribe, values

Inherited from CollectionBase: __enter__, __exit__, stripped_manifest

Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, parent, name)

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Overrides: RichCollectionBase.__init__


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Overrides: RichCollectionBase.root_collection


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Overrides: RichCollectionBase.writable


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Overrides: RichCollectionBase._my_api


source code 
Overrides: CollectionBase._my_keep


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Overrides: RichCollectionBase._my_block_manager


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Overrides: RichCollectionBase.stream_name

clone(self, new_parent, new_name)

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  • @synchronized
Overrides: RichCollectionBase.clone

_reparent(self, newparent, newname)

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  • @must_be_writable
  • @synchronized