Install arvados/jobs image

Create a project for Docker images

Here we create a default project for the standard Arvados Docker images, and give all users read access to it. The project is owned by the system user.

~$ uuid_prefix=$(arv --format=uuid user current | cut -d- -f1)
~$ project_uuid=$(arv --format=uuid group create --group '{"owner_uuid":"'$uuid_prefix'-tpzed-000000000000000", "group_class":"project", "name":"Arvados Standard Docker Images"}')
~$ echo "Arvados project uuid is '$project_uuid'"
~$ read -rd $'\000' newlink <<EOF; arv link create --link "$newlink"

Import the arvados/jobs docker image

In order to start workflows from workbench, there needs to be Docker image arvados/jobs tagged with the version of Arvados you are installing. The following command downloads the latest arvados/jobs image from Docker Hub, loads it into Keep. In this example $project_uuid should be the UUID of the “Arvados Standard Docker Images” project.

~$ arv-keepdocker --pull arvados/jobs latest --project-uuid $project_uuid

If the image needs to be downloaded from Docker Hub, the command can take a few minutes to complete, depending on available network bandwidth.

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