Health checks

Health check endpoints are found at /_health/ping on many Arvados services. The purpose of the health check is to offer a simple method of determining if a service can be reached and allow the service to self-report any problems, suitable for integrating into operational alert systems.

To access health check endpoints, services must be configured with a management token .

Health check endpoints return a JSON object with the field health. This has a value of either OK or ERROR. On error, it may also include a field error with additional information. Examples:

  "health": "OK"
  "health": "ERROR"
  "error": "Inverted polarity in the warp core"

Healthcheck aggregator

The service arvados-health performs health checks on all configured services and returns a single value of OK or ERROR for the entire cluster. It exposes the endpoint /_health/all .

The healthcheck aggregator uses the Services section of the cluster-wide config.yml configuration file.

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