Controlling container reuse

This page describes how an admin can control container reuse using the arv command. This can be utilized to avoid reusing a completed container without disabling reuse for the corresponding steps in affected workflows. For example, if a container exited successfully but produced bad output, it may not be feasible to update the workflow immediately. Meanwhile, changing the state of the container from Complete to Cancelled will prevent it from being used in subsequent workflows.

If a container is in the Complete state, the following arv command will change its state to Cancelled, where xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is the UUID of the container:

arv container update -u xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -c '{"state":"Cancelled"}'

Use the following command to list all containers that exited with 0 and were then cancelled:

arv container list --filters='[["state", "=", "Cancelled"], ["exit_code", "=", 0]]'

See the arv CLI tool overview for more details about using the arv command.

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