arvados :: errors :: KeepRequestError :: Class KeepRequestError
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Class KeepRequestError

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              object --+        
exceptions.BaseException --+    
        exceptions.Exception --+

Base class for errors accessing Keep services.

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__init__(message='', request_errors=(), label="")
:message: A human-readable message describing what Keep operation failed.
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_format_error(self, key, error) source code
The keys of the dictionary are described by `self.label` The corresponding value is the exception raised when sending the request to it.
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__init__(message='', request_errors=(), label="")

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  A human-readable message describing what Keep operation

  An iterable that yields 2-tuples of keys (where the key refers to
  some operation that was attempted) to the error encountered when
  talking to it--either an exception, or an HTTP response object.
  These will be packed into an OrderedDict, available through the
  request_errors() method.

  A label indicating the type of value in the 'key' position of request_errors.

Overrides: object.__init__