Arvados FUSE driver

The Arvados FUSE driver is a Python utility that allows you to see the Keep service as a normal filesystem, so that data can be accessed using standard tools. This driver requires the Python SDK installed in order to access Arvados services.


If you are logged in to an Arvados VM, the arv-mount utility should already be installed.

To use the FUSE driver elsewhere, you can install from a distribution package, PyPI, or source.


The Python SDK requires Python 2.7.

Option 1: Install from distribution packages

First, add the appropriate package repository for your distribution.


On CentOS 6 and RHEL 6, these packages require a more recent version from Software Collections. The Software Collection will be installed automatically as long as Software Collections are enabled on your system.

To enable Software Collections on CentOS, run:

~$ sudo yum install centos-release-scl scl-utils

To enable Software Collections on RHEL:

~$ sudo yum-config-manager --enable rhel-server-rhscl-7-rpms

See also section 2.1 of Red Hat’s Installation chapter .

On Red Hat-based systems:

~$ echo 'exclude=python2-llfuse' | sudo tee -a /etc/yum.conf
~$ sudo yum install python-arvados-fuse

On Debian-based systems:

~$ sudo apt-get install python-arvados-fuse

Option 2: Install with pip

Run pip-2.7 install arvados_fuse in an appropriate installation environment, such as a virtualenv.

Option 3: Install from source

Install the python-setuptools package from your distribution. Then run the following:

~$ git clone
~$ cd arvados/services/fuse
~/arvados/services/fuse$ python2.7 install


Please refer to the Mounting Keep as a filesystem tutorial for more information.

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