Some Arvados services publish Prometheus/OpenMetrics-compatible metrics at /metrics, and some provide additional runtime status at /status.json. Metrics can help you understand how components perform under load, find performance bottlenecks, and detect and diagnose problems.

To access metrics endpoints, services must be configured with a management token. When accessing a metrics endpoint, prefix the management token with "Bearer " and supply it in the Authorization request header.

curl -sfH "Authorization: Bearer your_management_token_goes_here" ""


Keep-web exports metrics at /metrics — e.g.,

Name Type Description
request_duration_seconds summary elapsed time between receiving a request and sending the last byte of the response body (segmented by HTTP request method and response status code)
time_to_status_seconds summary elapsed time between receiving a request and sending the HTTP response status code (segmented by HTTP request method and response status code)

Metrics in the arvados_keepweb_collectioncache namespace report keep-web’s internal cache of Arvados collection metadata.

Name Type Description
arvados_keepweb_collectioncache_requests counter cache lookups
arvados_keepweb_collectioncache_api_calls counter outgoing API calls
arvados_keepweb_collectioncache_permission_hits counter collection-to-permission cache hits
arvados_keepweb_collectioncache_pdh_hits counter UUID-to-PDH cache hits
arvados_keepweb_collectioncache_hits counter PDH-to-manifest cache hits
arvados_keepweb_collectioncache_cached_manifests gauge number of collections in the cache
arvados_keepweb_collectioncache_cached_manifest_bytes gauge memory consumed by cached collection manifests


Keepstore exports metrics at /status.json — e.g.,


Attribute Type Description
Volumes array of volumeStatusEnt
BufferPool PoolStatus
PullQueue WorkQueueStatus
TrashQueue WorkQueueStatus
RequestsCurrent int
RequestsMax int
Version string


Attribute Type Description
Label string
Status VolumeStatus
VolumeStats ioStats


Attribute Type Description
MountPoint string
DeviceNum uint64
BytesFree uint64
BytesUsed uint64


Attribute Type Description
Errors uint64
Ops uint64
CompareOps uint64
GetOps uint64
PutOps uint64
TouchOps uint64
InBytes uint64
OutBytes uint64


Attribute Type Description
BytesAllocatedCumulative uint64
BuffersMax int
BuffersInUse int


Attribute Type Description
InProgress int
Queued int

Example response

  "Volumes": [
      "Label": "[UnixVolume /var/lib/arvados/keep0]",
      "Status": {
        "MountPoint": "/var/lib/arvados/keep0",
        "DeviceNum": 65029,
        "BytesFree": 222532972544,
        "BytesUsed": 435456679936
      "InternalStats": {
        "Errors": 0,
        "InBytes": 1111,
        "OutBytes": 0,
        "OpenOps": 1,
        "StatOps": 4,
        "FlockOps": 0,
        "UtimesOps": 0,
        "CreateOps": 0,
        "RenameOps": 0,
        "UnlinkOps": 0,
        "ReaddirOps": 0
  "BufferPool": {
    "BytesAllocatedCumulative": 67108864,
    "BuffersMax": 20,
    "BuffersInUse": 0
  "PullQueue": {
    "InProgress": 0,
    "Queued": 0
  "TrashQueue": {
    "InProgress": 0,
    "Queued": 0
  "RequestsCurrent": 1,
  "RequestsMax": 40,
  "Version": "dev"

Node manager

The node manager status end point provides a snapshot of internal status at the time of the most recent wishlist update.

Attribute Type Description
nodes_booting int Number of nodes in booting state
nodes_unpaired int Number of nodes in unpaired state
nodes_busy int Number of nodes in busy state
nodes_idle int Number of nodes in idle state
nodes_fail int Number of nodes in fail state
nodes_down int Number of nodes in down state
nodes_shutdown int Number of nodes in shutdown state
nodes_wish int Number of nodes in the current wishlist
node_quota int Current node count ceiling due to cloud quota limits
config_max_nodes int Configured max node count


  "actor_exceptions": 0,
  "idle_times": {
    "compute1": 0,
    "compute3": 0,
    "compute2": 0,
    "compute4": 0
  "create_node_errors": 0,
  "destroy_node_errors": 0,
  "nodes_idle": 0,
  "config_max_nodes": 8,
  "list_nodes_errors": 0,
  "node_quota": 8,
  "Version": "",
  "nodes_wish": 0,
  "nodes_unpaired": 0,
  "nodes_busy": 4,
  "boot_failures": 0

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