Management token

To enable and collect health checks and metrics, services must be configured with a “management token”.

Services must have ManagementToken configured. This is used to authorize access monitoring endpoints. If ManagementToken is not configured, monitoring endpoints will return the error 404 disabled.

To access a monitoring endpoint, the requester must provide the HTTP header Authorization: Bearer (ManagementToken).

API server and other services

The following services also support monitoring.

  • API server
  • controller
  • keep-balance
  • keepproxy
  • keepstore
  • keep-web
  • arvados-ws

Set ManagementToken in the appropriate section of /etc/arvados/config.yml.

    # Token to be included in all healthcheck requests. Disabled by default.
    # Server expects request header of the format "Authorization: Bearer xxx"
    ManagementToken: xxx

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