Welcome to Arvados!

This guide provides an introduction to using Arvados to solve big data bioinformatics problems.

What is Arvados?

Arvados is a free and open source bioinformatics platform for genomic and biomedical data.

We address the needs of IT directors, lab principals, and bioinformaticians.

Why use Arvados?

Arvados enables you to quickly begin using cloud computing resources in your bioinformatics work. It allows you to track your methods and datasets, share them securely, and easily re-run analyses.

Take a look (Screenshots gallery)

Note: Workbench is the web interface to Arvados.
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Key Features

  • Track your methods
    We log every compute job: software versions, machine images, input and output data hashes. Rely on a computer, not your memory and your note-taking skills.

  • Share your methods
    Show other people what you did. Let them use your workflow on their own data. Publish a permalink to your methods and data, so others can reproduce and build on them easily.

  • Track data origin
    Did you really only use fully consented public data in this analysis?

  • Get results sooner
    Run your compute jobs faster by using multi-nodes and multi-cores, even if your programs are single-threaded.


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