Changing account ownership

It is sometimes necessary to reassign an existing Arvados user account to a new Google account.


  • A user’s email address has changed from to
  • A user who used to authenticate via LDAP is switching to Google login.

This can be done by an administrator using Arvados APIs.

First, determine the user’s existing UUID, e.g., aaaaa-tpzed-abcdefghijklmno.

Ensure the new email address is not already associated with a different Arvados account. If it is, disassociate it by clearing that account’s identity_url and email fields.

Clear the identity_url field of the existing user record.

Create a Link object with the following attributes (where tail_uuid is the new email address, and head_uuid is the existing user UUID):


Have the user log in using their Google account. You can verify this by checking that the identity_url field has been populated.

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